Second Level (IAS) Revised Edition Book-Keeping and Accounting Kolarides Publications

Second Level (IAS) Revised Edition Book-Keeping and Accounting Kolarides Publications
Author: Eugene Kolarides
ISBN: 978-9963-7478-2-5
Category: Candidate’s Textbooks
Price: On Request
Description: This is an A4 (21cm x 29cm ) book.

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  • Chapter  1 First Level Summarised Review
  • Chapter  2 Financial Statements of Sole Traders
  • Chapter  3 Accruals and  Prepayments
  • Chapter  4 Irrecoverable Debts and Allowance for Doubtful Debts             
  • Chapter  5 Depreciation of Non-current Assets  
  • Chapter  6 Manufacturing Accounts  
  • Chapter  7 Control Accounts  
  • Chapter  8 Incomplete Records
  • Chapter  9 Non-Profit Organisations
  • Chapter 10 Corrections of Errors & Suspense Accounts
  • Chapter 11 Partnerships – Financial Statements
  • Chapter 12 Partnerships - Amalgamation
  • Chapter 13 Partnerships - Admission
  • Chapter 14 Partnerships - Retirement
  • Chapter 15 Partnerships - Dissolution
  • Chapter 16 Private & Public Companies – Introduction and Financial statements
  • Chapter 17 Accounting Ratios
  • Chapter 18 Sundry Exercises  
  • Chapter 19 Inventory Valuation
  • Chapter 20 Accounting Concept
  • Chapter 21 Glossary of IAS Terminology
  • Chapter 22 Index


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